Klay Thompson Press Conference | Western Conference Finals Game 4


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  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi  4 weeks back

    Klay Thompson: "Quote on quote superteam"
    Westbrook: What? Y'all niggas tripping 🤨😂

    • Nora Taumei
      Nora Taumei  4 weeks back

      Congrats GSW on the win!, hats off to Trail Blazers for putting up the good fight though, I just feel like there's so much talent n there are great hardworking teams out there but when it really comes down to it, GSW wins because they have these extra ingredients :) on top of their norm which the other teams may miss out on, that they have willpower n fire, they stay hungry when it matters, their experience and basketball IQ, they trust each other, the unselfishness, by being legit humble people and most of all their will to prove anyone who thinks they can't do it wrong. add these to the mix and you get Ws, well this just my opinion :)

      • Joshua Barrett
        Joshua Barrett  4 weeks back

        Let's go bucks.

        • Bit Ray
          Bit Ray  4 weeks back

          All Cool🍹💰🏖🍍😎🏖🍍💰👍

          • Trevor Miller
            Trevor Miller  4 weeks back

            Klay deserves a max because of nights like this. He didn't shoot that well, but stil made a super clutch 3 to tie it at 111, and ALWAYS shows up in the deffensive end. I have no doubt Warriors would rather keep this guy than Durant.

          • Shawn
            Shawn  4 weeks back

            Wtf is wrong with the end of this video? Shows random footage then cuts to a highlight of McCollum hitting an iso shot on Klay and then to CJ's interview??

          • theWZZA
            theWZZA  4 weeks back

            What a great bunch of guys. Klay one of the best!

            • Marisse Pandino
              Marisse Pandino  4 weeks back

              Congratulations, GS WARRIORS! You fought a good fight and came out winning. Way to win the WCF '19 in Portland, Oregon. 😎

              • Queen Tayab
                Queen Tayab  4 weeks back

                Warriors gathered them infinity stones @ 2nd half then snapped them Blazers

                • Obi Wan Kenobi
                  Obi Wan Kenobi  4 weeks back

                  Lmfao this made me laugh 😭😂 #RIPCITY