Fall Guys Hands-On at Devolver | E3 2019


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  • Citrus Blast
    Citrus Blast  7 days back

    I love her earrings

    • Freim_TV
      Freim_TV  4 weeks back

      i'll gonna buy this game for my stream <3

      • Luke Taylor
        Luke Taylor  1 months back

        For years I've been angling to play Takeshi's Castle, and now I finally can!

        • Marshal Monsanto
          Marshal Monsanto  1 months back

          What’s the lady’s name

          • Lancar 91
            Lancar 91  1 months back

            It would have been perfect for pc.

            • UttR Concrete
              UttR Concrete  1 months back

              Teletubbies, the game!

              • The Algerian
                The Algerian  1 months back

                Needs a little bit of work on the animations, but otherwise it looks pretty fun.

                • boston19801
                  boston19801  1 months back


                  • Zack
                    Zack  1 months back

                    Looks like gangbeasts

                    • Troy Wicaksono
                      Troy Wicaksono  1 months back

                      Takeshi castle

                      • BobHO
                        BobHO  1 months back

                        io games on e3...

                        • Kailash K S
                          Kailash K S  1 months back

                          Isn't that just a cute game version of Takeshis Castle

                          • Luke Taylor
                            Luke Taylor  1 months back

                            That's what I came here to say too- loved that show when I was a kid. This looks like fun!

                          • Battle Royale
                            Battle Royale  1 months back

                            GREAT IDEA!!!

                          • Yeshwanth Reddy
                            Yeshwanth Reddy  1 months back


                          • Apfel Schorle
                            Apfel Schorle  1 months back

                            Exactly and now I want a Takeshis Castle video game

                        • unknown183
                          unknown183  1 months back

                          This is what Gang Beasts needs.
                          100 online player battle royal.

                          • MikeM16
                            MikeM16  4 weeks back

                            It will probably never have that, unfortunately. Gang Beasts barely handles a few players online. The online sucks badly, it lags way too much

                        • Raggedy Exynos
                          Raggedy Exynos  1 months back

                          Switch Port-beggars: tHis WoUlD bE PerFeCT fOr thE sWitch

                        • Sed Lomami
                          Sed Lomami  1 months back

                          This is coming to ps4 ?

                          • Starmaker
                            Starmaker  1 months back

                            @Eloy R xD

                          • Eloy R
                            Eloy R  1 months back

                            Holy fuck. It Literally shows them holding a ps4 controller

                        • Chris Gonzalez
                          Chris Gonzalez  1 months back

                          This game coming to switch or is this an xbox exclusive?

                          • Darker Side Of TA13OO
                            Darker Side Of TA13OO  1 months back

                            I think its only coming out for pc and PS4

                          • Apfel Schorle
                            Apfel Schorle  1 months back

                            She's using a PS4 controller...

                          • Blade
                            Blade  1 months back

                            It's coming to Xbox, PS4, PC. No news about Switch version yet

                        • nikolass83gianni
                          nikolass83gianni  1 months back

                          Looks like AWESOME game ... Big THANKS for great video ... 👏😎

                          • João Pedro
                            João Pedro  1 months back

                            looks cute and colorful

                            • crisis54
                              crisis54  1 months back

                              Cant stop staring at the ear holes.......

                            • PrimoZero
                              PrimoZero  1 months back

                              I was already watching one of your videos 💀