Malcolm Brogdon & George Hill Press Conference | Eastern Conference Finals Game 3


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  • Gabistro
    Gabistro  1 months back

    Brogdon is a mix between Igoudala and Obama.😂

    • James B
      James B  1 months back

      I don’t think I’d recognise Malcom brogdon in the street even if he was wearing his own jersey

      • AL K
        AL K  1 months back

        Lol they arrogantly act like they lost because they played bad. Toronto didn’t play well.

        • Greek Freak
          Greek Freak  1 months back

          AL K they did lose cause they played bad tf you smoking lmfao

      • Bit Ray
        Bit Ray  1 months back

        All Cool🍍🏖💰😎🍹💰🏖😎🍍👍

        • real john
          real john  1 months back

          That weird silence between the questions is so awkward

          • SKIIIEEEUP
            SKIIIEEEUP  1 months back

            Only if you make it awkward

        • Catherine Williams
          Catherine Williams  1 months back

          As a long time spurs fan, I'm torn because I love and miss George Hill and I'm not really thrilled with how Kawhi dealt with Spurs, before he left. But, I am quietly hoping that Danny Green will pull an Elliott and return after being traded to Toronto.

          • TheQw3rtyCon
            TheQw3rtyCon  1 months back

            imso ratchet cause that’s what Green said...

          • imso ratchet
            imso ratchet  1 months back

            @TheQw3rtyCon that's what they all say.

          • TheQw3rtyCon
            TheQw3rtyCon  1 months back

            Well Green actually announced on his live Green Room podcast that he wants to stay in Toronto