Draymond Green Press Conference | Western Conference Finals Game 4


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  • Jonathan Wick
    Jonathan Wick  4 weeks back

    Im soo excited to our new Stadium

    • FINNDAGOD 111
      FINNDAGOD 111  4 weeks back

      Curry and Draymond got triple doubles

      • Fabiano Machado
        Fabiano Machado  4 weeks back

        I think D.Green is the soul of this team and when he control your mind he's become a giant! Go Warriors!!!

        • Beanz The Comedian
          Beanz The Comedian  4 weeks back

          You still a bum

          • JordanForeverGoat 🐐
            JordanForeverGoat 🐐  4 weeks back

            Draymond should be finals mvp win or lose dude has been a work horse with a nonstop motor respect to draymond

            • votaquimby
              votaquimby  4 weeks back

              He's the reason of Warriors victories. If one day they miss him there will be not enough splash brothers to win a ring again.
              Respect for this man.
              Well, I think this and I think he is a Boaster and dirty player too.

              • Bit Ray
                Bit Ray  4 weeks back

                All Cool🍍🍹🏖😎💰🍍🍹👍

                • De-Lariao Pitts
                  De-Lariao Pitts  4 weeks back

                  Fuck what he talking bout he ain't shit

                  • pauljohn0001
                    pauljohn0001  4 weeks back

                    LeGone fans:

                    Wait till we get KD Kawhi Kyrie Kemba AD jimmy butler Tobias Harris Khris Middleton shaq Barkley Kenny and Ernie
                    Paul P Michelle Beadle Jalen Rose Chauncey Billups Skip Bayless SA Smith!

                    • t beek
                      t beek  4 weeks back

                      pauljohn0001 you forgot they think they’re getting klay too

                  • pauljohn0001
                    pauljohn0001  4 weeks back

                    LeGone fans are lost and don’t know what bandwagon to jump on lol

                    • James Taylor
                      James Taylor  4 weeks back

                      But LBJ went to 8 straight with 2 different teams now let that sink in yea yea he didn’t will all 8 lol

                    • Yheison HD
                      Yheison HD  4 weeks back

                      The goal is not going to the finals... is winning the finals.... ya hear lebron ???

                      • Fresh C
                        Fresh C  4 weeks back

                        @Yheison HD Making it to the finals is greatness. Winning it is even greater. Lebron has 3 rings. Also, wouldn't you agree that making it to the finals is better than not making it to the finals at all? This "finals record" narrative is honestly retarded, when you see that guys like MJ couldn't even make it past the first round before Pippen.

                      • Yheison HD
                        Yheison HD  4 weeks back

                        Fresh C losing 6 finals is not greatness

                      • Fresh C
                        Fresh C  4 weeks back

                        Obviously his goal is to win the finals as well lol. Can't deny that just making it 8 straight years is nothing short of greatness.

                    • Roosevelt Green
                      Roosevelt Green  4 weeks back


                      • 10,000 subs please 10,000 subs please

                        Fucking donkey I hope the dear trucks your ass

                        • Queen Tayab
                          Queen Tayab  4 weeks back

                          Warriors got them brooms for the sweep

                        • M22k
                          M22k  4 weeks back

                          Fear the Underdog... 🦌 And I hope they win because GSW is getting boring again!

                          Go ahead, hate me.

                        • Tavia Caldwell
                          Tavia Caldwell  4 weeks back

                          #DubNationWonTheWestAGIN #WeNeedAllThreeOfYouKDBoogieIggy #AnotherRingInSight

                          • vane 39
                            vane 39  4 weeks back

                            Dub nation 4ever✌

                            • AwesomeGuy394
                              AwesomeGuy394  4 weeks back