Klay Thompson & Draymond Green Press Conference | Western Conference Finals Game 3


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  • Dixon Steele
    Dixon Steele  4 weeks back

    Been saying it for years. Dude is one of the best all-around players to ever play the game. He brings neighborhood ball attitude with wisdom and excellent basketball IQ. They could not win any championships without Draymond Green. Period.

    • Bit Ray
      Bit Ray  1 months back

      All Cool🍍😎🏖💰🍹🏖😎🍍💰👍

      • Securamerica Stream
        Securamerica Stream  1 months back

        On god Draymond is the most humblist player iver ever had the honor for witnessing. Hes both selfless and always pushing thr attention from himself to his team thatd just a love for .basketball and hos team mates. Would love to play along side him

        • jordanjay1224
          jordanjay1224  1 months back

          klay be in his own world sometimes man 😂😂

        • Maurice White
          Maurice White  1 months back

          It's crazy to think that this core was drafted to this team.. I mean mark Jackson is a goat

          • joscaca
            joscaca  1 months back

            high horse - No, they would not have. Mark Jackson set this team in motion, everyone knows that. They weren’t ready and they needed a few of the stalwarts of the West to age and fall apart. A championship team takes a couple of years to evolve.

          • Maurice White
            Maurice White  1 months back

            @high horse lol held back.. lmao

          • high horse
            high horse  1 months back

            Lmao wtf does Jackson have to this with it? It was all Meyers. If anything, Jackson held this team back, they could have gone on this dynasty run a year or two earlier without him

        • Karen Sy
          Karen Sy  1 months back

          😂get a tech to raise the energy😂😂😂

          • Matheus Klein
            Matheus Klein  1 months back

            Gotta respect Draymond for his 'evolution' as both a player and a person

            • Tonya' Sutton
              Tonya' Sutton  1 months back

              Am I the only ☝🏾 who went got my broom 🧹 out the kitchen 😂 let’s keep it real we 48:00 min away from 🏆🏆🏆🏆🤪💙💛let’s get it, let’s go

              • T B
                T B  1 months back

                Stay locked green y’all going to get that 🏆 #gsw keep fighting hard

                • Andrew Craft
                  Andrew Craft  1 months back

                  Draymond the energizer warrior bunny

                  • Tonya' Sutton
                    Tonya' Sutton  1 months back

                    Now this the draymond we need for the next 10 years‼️ so proud of his Great Leadership and knowing who he is and what he stands for as a person,with a family rooting him on and wanting to see the best from him👏🏾💪🏾💙💛

                    • M Ku
                      M Ku  1 months back

                      Imagine a minute the Warrior w/o Draymond. How much he's improved.

                      • Kevin Cordoviz
                        Kevin Cordoviz  1 months back

                        Klay being a beast on the defensive end as usual. 2 blocks!!! Why is he not yet in NBA All-defensive team? They sleepin' on his defense.

                        • Jack R
                          Jack R  1 months back

                          Kevin Cordoviz agreed he sticks to people like glue

                      • Matthew Roberts
                        Matthew Roberts  1 months back

                        Curry 5 straight Finals in the West> Lebron weak 8 straight Finals in the East.

                        • Martha Jones
                          Martha Jones  1 months back

                          Warriors back to finals get the broom's out it ain't no secret

                          • Tavia Caldwell
                            Tavia Caldwell  1 months back