Damian Lillard & Meyers Leonard Press Conference | Western Conference Finals Game 4


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  • DontTread
    DontTread  4 weeks back

    GO ILLINI!!!

    • Trey Timchal
      Trey Timchal  4 weeks back

      Crazy to see the guy I would pick up from the free agency in 2k 17-19 finally balls out like he does in 2k

      • Hoop Fiend
        Hoop Fiend  4 weeks back

        Terry Stotts has left the chat

        • Mr Il
          Mr Il  4 weeks back

          I hope Portland learned from this so they can get better next year, put in some work during summer. This team can get to the Finals, just work hard and there will be results. LOVE YOU DAME!

          • warofmankind
            warofmankind  4 weeks back

            Not this exact team need to make trades keep cj dame Collins nurkic seth and hood and trade the rest.... Develop the rookies and get a serious wing.

        • Lobsang Gyalzen
          Lobsang Gyalzen  4 weeks back

          Well fuck you!!

          • BluDrop5
            BluDrop5  4 weeks back

            Dame, I'm STILL proud of you!

            • Bryan Refuerzo
              Bryan Refuerzo  1 months back

              “No one cares Meyers...”

              -everyone’s thoughts when dude starts talking

              • Ethan Armstrong
                Ethan Armstrong  1 months back

                Low key wish nuggets made it through. Would’ve been a different kind of challenge I feel.

              • Bit Ray
                Bit Ray  1 months back

                All Cool💰🍍🏖😎🍹🍍🏖😎👍

                • Midnight Ninja
                  Midnight Ninja  1 months back

                  Lillard needs to admit he needs to be more like Westbrook. Bruh Kerr played guys he would never play against the Rockets because he knows he can get away with it against the Blazers. The Blazers are a first round difficulty team

                  • Midnight Ninja
                    Midnight Ninja  4 weeks back

                    Michele Cozzarin anything but himself would've worked. I'd rather see Westbrook go down fighting and shooting and angry then this wide eyed looking like a deer in the headlights Lillard

                  • Michele Cozzarin
                    Michele Cozzarin  1 months back

                    So basically, he should've played like the guy who bricked his way to a 4-1 defeat against him. I repeat, Westbrook lost 4-1 against Lillard and you claim that Lillard should've played like Westbrook. This is hilarious

                  • Tri Yudho Wicaksono
                    Tri Yudho Wicaksono  1 months back


                  • Midnight Ninja
                    Midnight Ninja  1 months back

                    Michele Cozzarin whatever it means to not be like himself. That lack of aggression and attack is what got him swept. If OKC was in the Conference finals against the Warriors I doubt they get swept

                  • Michele Cozzarin
                    Michele Cozzarin  1 months back

                    Be like Westbrook? You mean the ball hogging stat padding ninja turtle who was eliminated in the first turn every single season since Durant left despite having MVP caliber talent like PG? Good joke dude

                • Benjamin Bignardi
                  Benjamin Bignardi  1 months back

                  Meyers f***ing sucks

                  • Michelle Branch
                    Michelle Branch  1 months back

                    Great interview

                    • tonyy1415
                      tonyy1415  1 months back

                      I have never really heard Meyers speak before. Wow he is really well spoken young man. Very articulate and such a nice and great dude. Plus he had extremely good 2-3 games. Who would have thought that he was going to be their leading scorer in game 4 with 30 points. Props to big man👌

                      • Ethan Armstrong
                        Ethan Armstrong  1 months back

                        Jo Makaveli you’re not wrong but gotta give the guy the respect he deserved today. The only guy that looked like he wanted it tonight by how he was playing besides cj and dame

                      • Og Mane
                        Og Mane  1 months back

                        Jo Makaveli 😭😭😭😭

                      • Jo Makaveli
                        Jo Makaveli  1 months back

                        tonyy1415 he’s trash

                    • Joe Shin
                      Joe Shin  1 months back

                      he looks defeated and ready to celebrate the end of the asswhooping...instead of plotting what to do next time he comes up against the same squad.
                      like he still hasnt figured it out, and is playing up the fact that they were up all three games previously. like who gives a shit if you cant close it, not even once.
                      props to the heroic effort as a team and the season holistically, but the way he conducts this press foretells what's to come next season.
                      onto the raptors.

                      • Joe Shin
                        Joe Shin  4 weeks back

                        @warofmankind oh hey whats up racist dipshit we meet again

                      • warofmankind
                        warofmankind  4 weeks back

                        Okay Asian boy

                    • Teddy Holleran
                      Teddy Holleran  1 months back

                      Meyers with 30 WTF is going on?!!

                      • laysrayslays
                        laysrayslays  4 weeks back

                        @Nunca Desista True about defense, but still his offensive production dropped in a ridiculous amount.

                        He won his minutes because he was a threat in the offensive end, now he lost his minutes because he is trash in both ends.

                      • Nunca Desista
                        Nunca Desista  4 weeks back

                        @laysrayslays That has nothing to do with fasting. He never really puts any effort into defense anyway. He's trash.

                      • laysrayslays
                        laysrayslays  4 weeks back

                        @Ethan Armstrong He was super useless in the defensive end in the game 1.

                        He let Curry shot wide open and Curry made 9 threes.

                        He lost playing minutes after that.

                        Because he is fasting. He can't move and play defense.

                      • laysrayslays
                        laysrayslays  4 weeks back

                        @Nunca Desista He was scoring over 20 points sometimes.

                        Before Ramadan during the playoff, he scored 20, 6, 19, 8, 13, 26, 15, 18.

                        After Ramadan, 5, 7, 6, 12, 10, (then he lost his playing minutes because he is playing trash), 4, 7, 6.

                      • warofmankind
                        warofmankind  4 weeks back

                        @laysrayslays kanter is really a scrub

                    • edisonsun21c
                      edisonsun21c  1 months back

                      i will not have it, I WILL NOT HAVE IT!!!

                      • Mike Jones
                        Mike Jones  1 months back

                        Easily could of and should have been Portland up 3-1 in the series smh. I’m on sad

                      • Angel medrano
                        Angel medrano  1 months back

                        Lmao trash

                        • Angel medrano
                          Angel medrano  4 weeks back

                          LeBron James that’s hurtful bron

                        • LeBron James
                          LeBron James  4 weeks back

                          Angel medrano your comment is useless like you

                      • Chris Breezy
                        Chris Breezy  1 months back

                        Man wish we never had to play Dame hes one of my favorite players.

                        • warofmankind
                          warofmankind  4 weeks back

                          Every time a warrior fan speaks it just feels fake.. Nice comment but next time don't say you're a warriors fans knowing damn well you became a fan like 3/4 years ago

                      • Giffond Hall
                        Giffond Hall  1 months back

                        overated bum

                        • ibeiannn
                          ibeiannn  1 months back

                          meyers well said

                          • Rody TheGREAT98
                            Rody TheGREAT98  1 months back

                            Dame need helps, he need another good all start

                            • laysrayslays
                              laysrayslays  1 months back

                              They had Nurkic and beat Warriors twice during the regular season.
                              I don’t think they can beat Warriors in the 7 game series, but losing Nurkic was a big deal.
                              They gave up too many offensive rebounds and Ramadan was trash in the defensive end.

                            • Avner Chaim
                              Avner Chaim  1 months back

                              Yea u can play better.

                            • EyeLoveTheStars
                              EyeLoveTheStars  1 months back

                              Lol No. Damian was terrible these past three games. Even in the Denver series you could see signs of his declining level of play. But his bad play was especially pronounced against the Warriors. Dame could never figure out a way to adapt and adjust to the Warriors defensive strategy against him. That's on him as the superstar and leader of this team.

                            • Emmanuel Mendoza
                              Emmanuel Mendoza  1 months back

                              @SNAKE EYES warriors in 4

                            • Rody TheGREAT98
                              Rody TheGREAT98  1 months back

                              BigHandsome519 that’s true

                          • TegRsx
                            TegRsx  1 months back

                            To much 🔥 power for them.

                            • Lightzz
                              Lightzz  1 months back

                              WARRIORS TAKE DUBS AGAIN!!! AYE

                              • Simply Terrell
                                Simply Terrell  1 months back

                                Dame come to LA

                                I know he won’t

                                • Ishant Aryal
                                  Ishant Aryal  1 months back

                                  Simply Terrell he did say on his Twitter that if the blazers don’t want him we would join the Lakers

                                • laysrayslays
                                  laysrayslays  1 months back

                                  Simply Terrell he’s not FA yet.

                              • Moonroof
                                Moonroof  1 months back

                                Dame is still my favorite player

                                • Heero Yuy
                                  Heero Yuy  1 months back

                                  Gobble gobble

                                  • Video Gamers
                                    Video Gamers  1 months back

                                    Ugh gubgugb

                                    • Jaemal Watson
                                      Jaemal Watson  1 months back